Phantom Aviation is an Airship manufacturing company founded in 2001. They, however only have a prototype finished and are reaching bankruptcy.

the company's logo

They have many different hybrid designes But lost Half of their money making them. The company is much like the video game company, Even taking its logo.


starting in Feb. 2nd, 2001, PA, after starting up, immediately released their plan on a Hybrid airship called the Phantom , hence the name of the company. They have spent around 9.8 million$ on the proposed 1237 ft. Blimp. The company said the ship would be completed and flown on her maiden voyage on October 31st, 2005, but nothing happened. PA has further pushed the release dates, with nothing happening on each one. The company also released plans on a few other hybrids, such as the "Aerocraft," a cheap spin-off of the Aeroscraft. Because of this, the company making the Aeroscraft, Aeros ML, sued PhAnToM AvIaTion for copyright infridgment. this plummeted PA into an even more steeper money problem. The current Maiden voyage in june 28th 2007, which is HIGHLY unlikely. So far, only one Airship is actually finished, and thats "spook," the prototype of the phantom. As of 2008, there is still no "phantom" airship
Dz 2

The "Phantom"

Other proposed ModelsEdit


The spook, the only Airship completed by PA


The "aerocraft"