The Airship Whirl, known as The World's Finest Airship News Source, is a periodical known for its hard-hitting news in the world of dirigibles. It is owned and operated by the good folks over at Whirl Publishing.

The Airship Whirl was formed at an undated time as a result of the merger betwixt The Blimp Whirl and The Zeppelin Whirl.

The following are among the regular features in each fine edition of The Airship Whirl:

  • Blimps on Parade;
  • Zeppelin Digest;
  • The Dirigible Hall of Fame;
  • The Adventures of Brucie Blimp;
  • Zebo Zeppelin's Ztorybook;
  • All Airships Great and Small;
  • Airship Fan Fiction;
  • Ask Mogreasha.

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